Eugene A. Tighe School Principal

  • Mr. Ryan Gaskill Middle School Administration
    Mr. Ryan Gaskill
    Principal of Eugene A. Tighe Middle School
    Director of Special Education for Margate City Public Schools

    I am a graduate of East Carolina University and Regent University. I received a Bachelor's Degree in History from East Carolina University and began my career in education. I spent the 12 years prior to coming to Margate at Atlantic City High School teaching History courses and working with a wide range of students. At Atlantic City High School, I was the head Women's Swim Coach. My time at Atlantic City gives me a clear picture of what our students need to be successful in high school so they are prepared for thier lives following. I am interested in helping the Margate students find their passion for learning and helping them see they can make a difference in the world. 

    Our school mission is to provide a strong, contemporary education for all our students to prepare them for high school and beyond. I believe you are sending your children to the best school around. I am proud to have the opportunity to work along side such an amazing staff of teachers, and help shape the lives of our students.

    On a personal note, I live in Margate with my wife, two children(both Tighe School Graduates), and our dog Ben.