• What is the Difference between a Newsletter and Newspaper?
    Newspapers and newsletters are circulated in two ways. The traditional newspaper and newsletter are physically printed. They usually consist of words printed in black ink and illustrations and photos in color. More recently, newspapers and newsletters are also published electronically. Newspapers have created websites that feature all of the content typically found in a physical paper. Newsletters published electronically usually come in PDFs or emails.
    Newspapers are used to inform the general populace of the news. Newspapers typically publish stories that appeal to broad local or national audience. Typically, the only thing that links the readers is where they live. Newspapers publish stories covering topics such as business, crime, entertainment, politics and sports. Many traditional papers also offer editorials and columns as a forum for opinions on a given subject. Comics, crossword puzzles, horoscopes and sudoku are often included to entertain readers. Newspapers provide the general population the ability to keep up on current affairs. Readers can also find out about local sporting events and community activities, such as concerts and parades. With the ability to comment on stories posted on newspaper websites, readers can offer their opinions on what’s happening in their community.
    Newsletters:  The audience reading a newsletter is interested in stories and information that cover a particular topic. The number of people reading a newsletter could be as little as two or three to tens of thousands. Newsletters tend to focus on a niche topic relevant to a unique group. Advice, event reminders, important announcements and schedules are often provided to newsletter subscribers. A newsletter may also be used as an advertisement in its entirety. Newsletters keep unique groups such as associations, clubs and employees up to date on information pertinent to their common interest. The major benefit of a newsletter is the sense of inclusion and unity among its subscribers.

    7th Grade Newsletter

    Desktop Publishing  Project



    Mrs. Landgraf requires you to  keep a 'This Day in History'  journal.
    The technology assignment for Mrs. Sterling's Technology class is to select 1 event from this month, and create a newsletter pertaining to that event.



    You will need to elaborate and find more in depth information on the person, event, or topic in order to complete the newsletter. You must include pictures, captions under the pictures, charts and/or any other type of visual artifact in your document .

    The newsletter is an individual assignment, you may NOT work with a partner this month.  It should have a historical feel to it, the format and title should reflect the time period you are writing about.


      Follow these Steps to begin your Newsletter:
    1. Choose your an event from your 'A Day in History' notebook
    2. Research your event. Expand on the information you have by doing more research. Write a minimum of 3 facts /articles about each.
    3. Choose a template for your Newsletter from Google Drive under the Margate Schools templates. I have put 6 templates there to choose from. Edit them to suit your needs.
    4. Format the content of your newsletter by adding the articles (3) you have written. You must use factual information but may also add some fictional aspects (ei. an interview from someone at the scene, you are the journalist/editor)
    5. Add supporting visuals* for each article. Be sure to make the newsletter visually appealing by keeping in mind the design elements/principles space, balance, and unity.