• U R What U EAT!
    Google Spreadsheets Lesson

     Class 1:

    FIRST: Complete your MEAL WORKSHEET as assigned and handout out by your teacher.
    Print and hand in to your teacher after its all filled out 


    1. Log on to your compuer
    2. Log onto your DRIVE
    3. Create a NEW SPREADSHEET in your VA&T folder, on Google Spreadsheets
    4. Set up your spreadsheet like this EXAMPLE
    5. Model example of chart using own info
      • Center your text
      • Bold and size headings
      • Outline cells 

    CLASS 2

    Use the webpage   http://www.choosemyplate.gov/food-groups/
    • Look up how may servings of each food group you should eat each day, then fill in the suggested servings for each food group
    • figure out how many servings from each food group YOU ATE (according to your completed meal worksheet)
    • Enter the information into your spreadsheet, enter numbers only - no words!

    When you are finished you may check out the other activities on  MyPlate for Children



    Program formulas:

    Using the SUM function/button, fill in the total column to see how many servings from each food group YOUR diet contained!

    Highlight the TOTAL cell

    Drag your mouse to the left until you highlight all the cells containing numbers you entered about your diet.

    Click the SUM function/button on the tool bar

    The Total will fill in!

    Repeat to fill in each total on your chart!


    {C}{C}{C}đ        {C}{C}{C}Format the row entitled: Difference for NUMBERS, negative numbers to be red! (see example)


    {C}{C}{C}đ        {C}{C}{C}Enter the formula to calculate the DIFFERENCE between what you DID eat from each food group, and how much is RECOMMENDED that you eat.


    Say the sentence in bold/black type, and type the formula shown in RED :

    The difference Click onto the DIFFERENCE cell

    Equals Click the = sign

    the total Click the TOTAL cell in that row

    Minus Click the - sign

    the Recommended Click onto the RECOMMENDED cell

    HIT ENTER KEY to calculate


    {C}{C}{C}đ        {C}{C}{C}Repeat the steps above for each row until all cells are calculated



    {C}{C}{C}đ        {C}{C}{C}Two rows beneath your spreadsheet, write a sentence or two summarizing your findings about your diet!


    {C}{C}{C}đ        {C}{C}{C}Format your table:

    Center your text

    Bold and size headings

    Insert Header and Footer (Left side: name, class, date, homeroom / Center: My Diet)

    Outline cells with a border


    {C}{C}{C}đ        {C}{C}{C}Format your font: you may change colors of ROWS ,COLUMNS, and TEXT

    Make Bar Graph

    • Highlight table
    • Click on bar icon on toolbar
    • Select Column graph
    • Title and axis labels- as per example
    • Adjust size and scale of graph
    • Print preview- move graph to avoid overlap