8th Grade Group Painting Project :
    1. After your groups have been assigned:Meet and discuss how you will be dividing the research on your assigned Art Period/Style.
      • title slide
      • define; characteristics of
      • what country was it started in? time period?
      • what was going on in the world then?
      • influenctial, most known artists for that style
      • show examples
    2. Whoever is chosen to do the title slide must login in to their GOOGLE Drive account and CREATE a new SLIDESHOW. Groups may want to help pick the theme, or background image. Name the file 'your art syle' (ei. Impressionism etc.. ),. They must then 'SHARE' the file with the other group members, and with ME!
    3. All members of the group can now login to their DRIVE and work on the slides they have been delegated.
    Make sure that all the requred information is on the presentation.
    Slide Shows must include ANIMATIONS, and TRANSITIONS.
    If your group finishes the assignments above, they may begin the 8th Grade Art Parody Painting Project