Dress Code
    The standard for all clothing worn to school is modesty and self-respect. Research has found that children behave according to the clothing they are wearing. All of the district’s schools are 100% air conditioned, so our comfort is assured. Please follow the following guidelines:
    1. No tee shirts with inappropriate pictures or messages.
    2. No hats worn inside.
    3. No clogs or sandals on gym days.
    4. No flip flops at any time.
    5. No roller sneakers or roller blades
    In the event of improper attire, the parent will be called to bring in appropriate clothing for the child.
    Bathroom Rules
    1. Speak in a whisper.
    2. Wash your hands.
    3. Return to class promptly.
    Assembly Rules
    1. Sit flat--keep hands and feet to yourself.
    2. Clap correctly at the right time.
    3. Listen quietly.
    4. Use an inside voice.
    Classroom Rules
    1. Listen and follow directions.
    2. Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat.
    3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
    Lunchroom Rules
    1. Fill in every seat.
    2. Raise your hand if you need help.
    3. Talk quietly to people next to you.
    4. Your table will be called for trash and line-up.
    5. You may not go back to your classroom without teacher permission.
    Playground Rules
    1. Respect people and property.
    2. Play fairly
    3. Stay in the playground at all times.
    Playground Routine
    1. Walk to the playground.
    2. Return equipment to “the bag.”
    3. Line up quickly when called.
    Fire Drill Routines
    1. No talking during a fire drill.
    2. Walk, single file, to appointed outside location.
    3. All must listen for instructions.
    Classroom Arrival and Dismissal Routines

    Children should arrive between 8:15AM and 8:25AM.


    • Kindergarten - DOOR # 2 (Haverford Ave near Monmouth)
    • Gr. 1 – DOOR # 1 (Front entrance)
    • Gr. 2 – DOOR # 10 (Playground)
    • Gr. 3 - DOOR # 3 (Granville Ave near Monmouth)
    • Gr. 4 – DOOR # 6 (Granville Ave closer to Winchester)
      Multiple siblings exit with the youngest child

    Parents are required to notify their child’s teacher if he/she is a “walker.”
    Teachers will dismiss to a waiting adult. If there is no one in the yard to pick you up, you must wait at the bench outside of the main office. After 12:30 PM you will be sent to   Lucky Kids to wait. The first day is free. Subsequent unnannounced visits to Lucky Kids will cost a daily fee of $20.