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Margate School Garden

Margate School Gardens

2017 Summer Harvest in the News

  • Margate schoolyard garden project builds skills, educates and helps the community


2016: Harvest of the Month program in conjunction with Cookie Till of Steve and Cookie's Restaurant in Margate  

2014: The School Garden program was highlighted on NJEA Classroom Close-Up NJ
Click hereto watch the episode.

2012: First Place Winner of the  School Garden of the Year Award 
sponsored by the New Jersey Farm to School Network and Edible Jersey Magazine  

New Jersey School Gardens Offer More Than Just Produce
The garden co-cultivated by William H. Ross Elementary School and Eugene A. Tighe Middle School in Margate City, NJ came in first place.  The schools’ Garden Gourmet tasting program allows students to sample the fresh fruits and vegetables harvested from the garden—and the garden opportunities don’t end at lunch!  At Ross Elementary, students digitally photograph vegetable beds and write multiplication and division word problems based on the garden layout.  These math word problems are then solved by fourth grade students.

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