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New and Noteworthy Sustainable Initiatives

Margate City Schools have long been a steward of the environment. From the installation of solar panels to our annual beach cleanups, concern for the environment remains a priority. Below are some of the recent initiatives that contribute to our sustainability profile:

"Guide to Going Green at Home"  This is a great site for kids who wish to make their homes more eco-friendly with sustainable landscaping & gardening.

Magic of Clean Communities: On December 1st, 2017,Ross School welcomes Bill Kerwood ( for an edutaining look at the importance of recycling for a cleaner environment. This Anti-Litter afternoon assembly will trace a piece of refuse along 3 common paths as students learn how they can most effectively make a difference in preserving our environment. 

Water Bottle Filling Stations: In the summer of 2017, Tighe School installed two water bottle filling stations. Encouraging students to drink more water using refillable bottles instead of bottled water is not only healthy and cost effective, the bottle fillers are more sanitary than a typical water fountain and it reduces our consumption of single-use plastics. 

Chromeboxes: Since 2015,  Chromeboxes have been replacing outdated desktop PCs in the classrooms, in the Media Center at Tighe, and in the STEM lab at Ross. A chromebox is a desktop version of the Chromebook which uses approximately 90 watts of power as opposed to the 300 watts used by a typical PC machine. When not in use, they go into a power saving sleep mode. 

Curriculum:Concern for the environment, biodiversity, and sustainable living topics are regularly integrated across the curriculum. In science, the State of New Jersey recently adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) which are currently being implemented throughout the state. For each grade level, the NGSS includes standards relating to human impacts and the Earth, educating children on the importance of the wise use of our natural resources.

Compostable Foodware: Margate Schools were awarded a grant for the 2015-2016 school year to purchase biodegradable cafeteria trays to replace the previously used styrofoam trays from our food service provider. The trays are environmentally friendly and increase student awareness of the of the need for a more conscientious approach to sustainable decision making.