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Middle School Math Courses - Enriched, Advanced, and Accelerated

Middle School Math Courses - Enriched, Advanced, and Accelerated

UPDATED February 2017!
Math screening procedures for the middle school

Literacy Conversion Table

Literacy Conversion Table

Grade level comparison chart referencing Text, Spelling, and Writing Levels

World Language Proficiencies

World Language Proficiencies


Curriculum, Technology & Assessment


The Margate City School District prepares students for success in the 21st Century through a comprehensive curriculum, providing learning opportunities aligned with the New Jersey Learning Standards.

The links to the left provide further information and resources related to curriculum, instructional technology, and assessment.


Assessments for the 2023-24 School Year




  NJSLA Testing Dates




NJSLA - ELA/Math 2023 Results

Presentation to the Board of Education, Oct 11, 2023


NJSLA Opt-out Protocol



Health Curriculum

Dear Margate Parents and Guardians,

We have purchased a new Health series and are designing our local curriculum plans. Our staff has been developing the curriculum over the summer, but with the change in Health teachers this year at Tighe we are still refining what will be taught at each grade. Our new teacher, Mrs. Bean, has been working with our administration this month to design a plan for the year. Miss Carey and Mrs. Bergman, the Health teachers at Ross, were part of the committee who selected the new series.

The curriculum overview is attached below, as well as plans for the anticipated lessons in each grade, although slight alterations may occur during the year as with any new curriculum.

We wanted to share our anticipated lessons with you early so you can review the content covered in each grade level. Our district strives to cover mandatory standards while balancing the learning needs of our students and wishes of our families. We plan to deliver a Health curriculum that emphasizes respect for all, while supporting the social, emotional, and physical development of the children in grades K-8.

If you wish to view more on the new Health program, please check out

Feel free to send feedback or comments to me at

Health Curriculum Overview

Grade K Health Lessons

Grade 1 Health Lessons  

Grade 2 Health Lessons    

Grade 3 Health Lessons    

Grade 4 Health Lessons    

Grade 5 Health Lessons    

Grade 6 Health Lessons    

Grade 7 Health Lessons    

Grade 8 Health Lessons    

Curriculum Comments and Questions

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Audrey Becker


Office: 609-822-1447, ext 366

Address: 8103 Winchester Avenue
Margate City, NJ 08402