Garbage to Garden Campaign 2015-16

One of our sustainability actions aims to reduce the amount of waste produced in the cafeteria. Non-recyclable styrofoam trays and wasted food items are filling up our landfills carrying with it an environmental and financial burden. With a 2015 grant provided through the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program, we were able to purchase biodegradable, eco-friendly food trays as an alternative to the previously used foam trays. In addition, we were able to purchase an electronic food  composter for each school cafeteria. Although small, these composters can handle a great deal of food waste turning into usable compost for the school garden. Once a week, children will be directed to a compost station and encouraged to dispose of food waste and leftover scraps in designated containers. This small step towards sustainability will educate children and build awareness of the problem of food waste. As the amount of food waste diminishes, awareness will grow, and so will our garden.